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Report on film and audiovisual in Jordan

A report on film and audiovisual in Jordan has been published as part of the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III program, in collaboration with the European Audiovisual Observatory. The vocation of Euromed Audiovisual is to produce a report to present data on the film and audiovisual industries in each of the program's nine member nations. Reports on four countries have been published thus far: Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, and Palestine.

The report contains data that sheds light on a number of aspects of Jordan's film and audiovisual sector: the main legislation and institutions, the development of telecommunications, and the film market. The report finds that more than 4 million people in Jordan own televisions, and there are 38 different satellite TV channels. The film industry produced 17 feature films and six documentaries between 2007 and 2012, a number of which garnered regional and international awards. There are also 53 movie theatres in the country, and over one million movie tickets were purchased in 2012.

Read the full report on the Euromed Audiovisual website.

Euromed Audiovisual is a program designed to foster dialogue and promote cultural exchange in ten nations: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia.