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Serbian Version of the Convention and Its Operational Guidelines

The text of the Convention and certain of its operational guidelines are now available in Serbian, in addition to English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

The operational guidelines for the following articles have been translated:

  • Articles 7, 8, 17: Measures to Promote and Protect Cultural Expressions
  • Article 9: Information Sharing and Transparency
  • Article 10: Education and Public Awareness
  • Article 11: Participation of Civil Society
  • Article 13: Integration of Culture in Sustainable Development
  • Article 14: Cooperation for Development
  • Article 15: Collaborative Arrangements
  • Article 16: Preferential Treatment for Developing Countries
  • Article 18: International Fund for Cultural Diversity
  • Article 19: Exchange, Analysis, and Dissemination of Information

The operational guidelines on measures to promote the Convention and provide visibility are also available in Serbian.

All of these texts are available on the UNESCO website.

To learn more about operational guidelines, see Frequently Asked Questions.