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Resolutions approved during the 5th ordinary session of the Conference of Parties

The 5th ordinary session of the Conference of Parties (CP) was held June 10–12, 2015, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Here are the main resolutions approved during the session:

Quadrennial periodic reports

  • Delivery of the Secretariat’s first Biennial World Report on the Implementation of the Convention is set for the 9th ordinary session of the Intergovernmental Committee (IC) in December 2015;
  • Approval of the revised operational guidelines for Article 9 (information sharing and transparency), which call for the Parties to take into account digital issues in preparing future quadrennial reports;

International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD)

  • The IC is to continue with the IFCD fundraising and communications strategy;
  • The Parties are reminded to make regular, voluntary contributions to the IFCD equaling at least 1% of their total contributions to the UNESCO budget;

Articles 16 and 21

  • The IC is to continue its reflection on the implementation and impact of articles 16 (preferential treatment for developing countries) and 21 (promotion of the principles and objectives of the Convention in other international forums), including the digital dimension, among others;
  • The Secretariat is to develop training modules for the implementation of articles 16 and 21 as part of its global capacity-building strategy;

Digital issues

  • The IC is to draft operational guidelines for digital issues;
  • The Secretariat is to continue discussions with UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector as well as with international and civil society organizations on these issues;

Convention visibility

  • The Parties and civil society stakeholders are asked to continue their efforts to enhance the visibility of the Convention and apply the operational guidelines pertaining thereto, particularly in relation to the 10th anniversary of the Convention.

The resolutions approved during the 5th ordinary session of the Conference of Parties are available in English and French on the UNESCO website.