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“For a diversified Networked Culture. Bringing the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CPPDCE) in the digital age”

On July 14, the Center for the Study of Integration and Globalization (CEIM) published a study online on the Convention in the digital age. Commissioned by France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and its Ministry of Culture and Communication, it answers the following questions:

  • What concrete challenges to the diversity of cultural expressions Convention Parties face in the digital era, and especially in developing countries?
  • Which measures or policies are created to implement the 2005 Convention principles in the digital environment, and what would be the conditions to replicate or adapt existing good practices?
  • What could be the structure and added value of writing up new specific operational guidelines, how could these be linked to existing ones and how can we estimate the costs associated with this operation?

The study outlines digital technology issues and challenges and identifies best practices for protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expression. Equal weight is given to developed and developing countries.

As part of the Convention’s 10th anniversary, CEIM held a symposium on cultures, societies, and digital technology in Montréal October 15–16. The results of the study were presented at this event.

The full study is available on the CEIM website (French only). The short report is available in English.

Culture, commerce et numérique, vol. 10, nº 6

CEIM also published the July–August edition of its Culture, commerce et numérique newsletter, which examines a variety of issues, including:

  • A summary of CEIM’s report on application of the UNESCO Convention in the digital age;
  • Accounts by Charles Vallerand and Lilian Richieri Hanania on the 10th anniversary of adoption of the Convention at UNESCO;
  • European copyright law reform;
  • A decisive World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement on the elimination of tariffs on information technology products.

The full newsletter is available on the CEIM website. (French only)

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