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Canadian Culture Satellite Account

On June 9, Statistics Canada published its Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account (PTCSA), made possible by Heritage Canada and several other partners, including Québec’s Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. This study is an extension of the culture satellite account that Canada published in September 2014.

The PTCSA measures the economic impact of culture and sport in Canada in terms of production, GDP, and employment for 2010 (benchmark year) according to product and industry, and makes it possible to compare data between provinces and territories.

Here are the major findings of the study according to industry (output, GDP, and jobs resulting from production from cultural industries):

  • In Québec, cultural industry GDP was $12.8 billion in 2010, or 4.1% of the provincial economy, making it first in Canada in terms of GDP;
  • The cultural industry provided over 174,790 jobs—4.5% of all jobs in the province;
  • The GDP of cultural industries contributed primarily to three areas: audiovisual and interactive media ($2.5 billion), written and published works ($2.4 billion), and visual arts ($1.6 billion).


The full report is available on the Statistics Canada website.

A similar study was conducted in the U.K. and published on July 13. The study is available on the Arts Council England website.