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The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The European Commission has published the 2017 edition of The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor. This is a new tool that measures the performance of Cultural and Creative Cities in Europe using quantitative and qualitative data. The report covers 168 cities in 30 countries. The Monitor lists 29 indicators relevant to nine dimensions reflecting three major facets of cities: cultural vibrancy, creative economy, and enabling environment.

Below are the key findings of the report:

  • Cultural and Creative Cities: Paris, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, and Eindhoven are the top Cultural and Creative Cities in their respective population groups.
  • Culture, creativity, and prosperity: Culture and creativity contribute to higher economic growth rates and are critical for the development of low-income cities.
  • Size isn't everything: The population size of a city does not determine its performance in culture and creativity. On average, small and medium-sized cities score relatively well compared to larger ones.
  • Capitals fly high but are not always the highest: [In] Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK, non-capitals outperform capitals.

The full report, key findings, and country-specific fact sheets are available in English on the European Commission website