Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Sommet mondial sur la société de l’information (SMSI) - «Édification de la société de l'information: un enjeu mondial dans le nouveau millénaire»

Projet de Déclaration de principes (Document WSIS/PC-3/DT/6(Rév.1)-F)

ONU/UIT, le 14 novembre 2003 - 2003/11/14

The draft Declaration of Principles places considerable importance on cultural diversity, describing it as “the common heritage of humankind.” It goes on to say that “the information society should be founded on and stimulate respect for cultural identity, cultural and linguistic diversity, traditions and religions, and foster dialog among cultures and civilizations. The promotion, affirmation, and preservation of diverse cultural identities and languages as reflected in relevant documents approved by the United Nations, including UNESCO's Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, will further enrich the Information Society.” To do so, “the creation, dissemination, and preservation of content in diverse languages and formats must be accorded high priority.” The draft Declaration also recognizes that “the preservation of cultural heritage is a crucial component of identity and self-understanding of individuals that links a community to its past.”  (Available also in French, English and Spanish)