Cultural diversity

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Opportunité de l'élaboration d'un instrument normatif international concernant la diversité culturelle» (débat 5 – point 5.11) - rapport de la commission iv (32 c/74) – unesco, conférence générale, 32e session

Paris, le 16 octobre 2003 – 2003/10/16

On Thursday, October 16, Commission IV adopted a report including its recommendations to the General Conference on each item on its agenda, including Item 5.11 on “the desirability of drawing up an international standard-setting instrument on cultural diversity.” In this item, the Commission recommends that the resolution on which it reached a consensus be adopted by the General Conference. The Commission thus calls on the General Conference to decide that “the question of cultural diversity as regards the protection of the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression shall be the subject of an international convention.” In this respect, it invites the director general to submit to the General Conference at its 33rd session a preliminary report on the problem to be regulated and the possible scope of the proposed regulation, accompanied by the first draft of a convention on protecting the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression. ( Available in French and English)