Cultural diversity

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La diversité culturelle et les accords de commerce international

Par Valérie Bisson – ministère québécois du développement économique et régional – mai 2003 – 2003/05

In this article, Ms Bisson notes that the rules in international trade agreements tend to challenge the role of states and governments in supporting culture. This being the case, she stresses, cultural policies and the various measures to support culture are viewed as trade barriers. Ms Bisson states that cultural diversity is increasingly threatened as the trend grows for trade agreements and negotiations to cover more topics likely to have an impact on the issue of cultural diversity. This is why “Québec became involved in the cultural diversity debate very early on and was the first government to support an international instrument on cultural diversity.” According to Ms Bisson, the General Conference, which is currently “deciding to continue efforts to develop a new international standard-setting instrument on cultural diversity and determine the nature of this instrument,” is an “event” that “will be a turning point for the future of the instrument.” Ms Bisson also stresses that “Québec’s position on cultural diversity is the result of close cooperation among Ministère du Développement économique et régional (MDER), Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC), and Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI). ( Available in French only )