Cultural diversity

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Arts under pressure - promoting cultural diversity in the age of globalisation

JOOST SMIERS - Zed Books, 320 pages

June 2003 - 2003/06

In this book, Mr. Smiers analyzes the impact of globalization and its effects on decision making in the cultural sector. The author examines the theoretical and practical implications of economic globalization on the creation, production, distribution, promotion, and reception of all art forms around the world. He concludes that cultural conglomerates have brought enormous pressure to bear on local institutions and their activities ever since ownership became the main issue in the global crusade to gain audiences. Mr. Smiers offers radical alternatives to this unprecedented convergence in order to reconstitute and develop cultural diversity. He notably supports developing a new international treaty on cultural diversity that would allow states to reduce market domination in the cultural industry and formulate their own cultural policies. ( Available in English only )