Cultural diversity

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La préservation de la diversité culturelle: le rôle des régions européennes et d'organisations internationales telles que l'unesco et le conseil de l'europe

Projet de RAPPORT - (2002/2269(INI))- soumis au Parlement européen par la Commission de la culture, de la jeunesse, de l'éducation, des médias et des sports - Rapporteur: Mme CHRISTA PRETS

25 septembre 2003

In the latest version of the PRETS Report on cultural diversity, which was discussed at the European Parliament on November 4, the Commission qualifies cultural diversity as “a means of supporting and developing local cultures and cultural policies and openness towards other cultures and protecting indigenous and national institutions and achievements.” It urges the Union not to treat cultural products as simple commodities or consumer goods and to work actively to secure recognition of the special nature and status of culture under GATS. It also calls for multilateral negotiations with a view to expanding the forum of countries supporting such action. The Commission calls upon the Union to stress, in the WTO context, that “trade should foster sustainable development, whereby cultural identity should be regarded as a common value, not as an obstacle to free trade.” In order to safeguard and promote cultural diversity, it wants greater EU involvement in multilateral forums. In this respect, it urges the European Commission to play an active role in the UNESCO General Conference, notably in exploratory discussions on the development of a standard-setting international instrument on cultural diversity and in taking steps to involve civil society in the process. (Available in French, English and Spanish only)