Cultural diversity

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Address by mr koïchiro matsuura, director-general of the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (unesco) at the opening of the general policy debate (dg/2003/132)

Paris, 30 september 2003 – 2003/09/30

In his general policy address, Mr. Matsuura urged member states to give him the mandate to develop a standard-setting instrument on cultural diversity, given that “all recognize the vital importance of cultural diversity for humanity’s future” at a time when “the dangers that threaten are growing all the time.” Mr. Matsuura expressed concern that opposition to an instrument protecting the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression seemed to be raising its head. He evoked the “formidable impulse” that had led member states to adopt “unanimously, even by acclamation” the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. Saying he was sure that such antagonisms would be overcome, Mr. Matsuura called upon member states “to build a common position on this crucial issue that addresses everybody’s concerns.” In his view, “multilateralism finds its most significant expression within the UNESCO framework.” (Disponible en anglais et en français seulement)