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Draft treaty establishing a constitution for europe adopted by consensus by the european convention on june 13 and july 10, 2003 – conv 850/03

Secretariat of the European Convention, Brussels, July 18, 2003 – 2003/07/18

The European Convention concluded proceedings on July 10 by adopting by consensus the Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe. The full draft text ( ) as submitted to the Italian chairmanship includes the amendment on the Common Trade Policy introduced in Part III (Article III-217, Paragraph 4), which stipulates that “The Council shall also act unanimously for the negotiation and conclusion of agreements in the field of trade in cultural and audiovisual services, where these risk prejudicing the Union's cultural and linguistic diversity.” This document is currently being translated into the languages of all the other countries that took part in the Convention. These other versions will be published on the European Convention Website ( as soon as they become available.