Cultural diversity

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Vers un instrument international sur la diversité culturelle - communication de la commission au conseil et au parlement europeen - com(2003) 520 final - commission des communautés européenne

Bruxelles, le 27 août 2003 – 2003/08/27

In light of the upcoming UNESCO General Conference, which will make a decision regarding the desirability of a standard-setting instrument on cultural diversity and the nature of such an instrument, the Commission of the European Communities affirms in this paper that the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity are among the founding principles of the European model. The Commission declares “that a legally binding instrument to preserve and promote cultural diversity would be necessary, in order to consolidate certain cultural rights, commit Parties to international co-operation, create a forum for debate on cultural policies and establish a global monitoring on the state of cultural diversity world-wide. Such an approach should recognise the need for a balanced understanding of both the opportunities offered and threats posed by globalisation and the development of ICTs.” Consequently, the Commission specifically invites the Community and its Member States to reaffirm their commitment to cultural diversity on the international stage. Should the UNESCO General Conference decide to proceed with negotiations on an international instrument on cultural diversity, the Commission will recommend that the Council be authorized to negotiate with UNESCO on the issue on behalf of the Community and its Member States. (Available in English and French only)