Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Résolution du parlement européen sur l'accord général sur le commerce des services (agcs) dans le cadre de l'omc, y compris la diversité culturelle - p5_ta-prov(2003)0087

Le Parlement européen,12 mars 2003,

This resolution stresses the importance of cultural diversity and declares that “each Member State should have the legal flexibility to take all necessary measures in the areas of cultural and audiovisual policy so as to preserve and promote cultural diversity.” It also mentions that “cultural services are not to be compared to most other services and are therefore treated differently in existing agreements,” and that the “GATS rules on cultural services, in particular in the audiovisual sector, should not jeopardize the cultural diversity and autonomy of the WTO contracting parties.” The resolution supports the Commission “in maintaining the possibility for the Community, its Member States and its regions to preserve and develop their capacity to define and implement policies in the cultural and audiovisual sectors, in order to preserve their cultural diversity.” (Available in English, French, and Spanish)