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La concentration des médias : jusqu’où?’’ par jean tardif

Forum planetagora, 15 juin 2003

“What is the greatest threat to cultural pluralism today, the pressure to open up cultural markets or the rapidly growing concentration of major media?” This is the issue on which Mr. Jean Tardif, writing on the Website PlanetAgora, wants to see discussed. The author believes that the concentration of the media, which is tied to the control of foreign investment in cultural industries, is probably the greatest issue at stake in debates on cultural pluralism. He invites advocates of cultural diversity and others to speak out on the issues and help develop solutions to the challenges, “notably by contemplating an international system for overseeing investment in the cultural industry and eradicating oligopolies, and by spurring debate and reaching out to American industries that are beginning to feel the unwelcome effects of applying an industry logic to the media.” (Available in French only)