Cultural diversity

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Politiques d'intégration régionale et conflits entre modèles économiques et désir de diversité culturelle en afrique de l'ouest

Abdoulaye elimane kane. 6 juin 2003 – 2003/06/06

In this study, Mr. Kane points out that although agreements and treaties signed by western African countries in the interest of integration show they are lagging behind in their awareness of cultural policies and their willingness to contribute solutions through subregional cooperation. However, signatory states have used additional protocols to stress a number of relevant provisions to highlight the role of culture, human resources, and the participation of African peoples in development. It is “as if African leaders have finally come to realize that economic solutions are necessary but are not enough by themselves. They may even be impossible unless a number of cultural factors are taken into account.” He also maintains that "the place and role of culture in the imagination, thought, and way of life of African communities, together with effective decentralization, should give cultural policies another chance in a polycentric world” as “tools to regulate unifying trends and necessary diversity at the local and global levels.” (Available in French only)