Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

L’UNESCO et la question de la diversité culturelle : bilan et stratégies, 1946-2003

Katérina Stenou, UNESCO 2003, 46 p.

“Globalization has not only brought about economic and technological upheaval, it has also changed mentalities and our way of seeing the world. This new understanding requires that we redefine the types of actions and strategies used for preserving and promoting cultural diversity, especially in light of new global markets and the debate on the status of cultural goods in relation to consumer goods.” This is the conclusion drawn from this study, which chronologically examines the theoretical trends and practical implications of UNESCO’s approach to cultural diversity since 1946 “with a view to reinforcing and guiding efforts in the present and future.” The recent addition of cultural diversity standards to the agenda for UNESCO’s General Conference next October following the 166th session of the Executive Council is a continuation of these efforts. (Available in English and French)