Cultural diversity

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Commentaires et mise en perspective de la déclaration de l’unesco à partir des normes et principes sanctionnés dans l’ALENA

Dorval Brunelle, 16 mai 2003.

In this study, Mr. Brunelle discusses cultural diversity as a serious challenge for international trade law given the liberalization of cultural industries. The author affirms that cultural diversity’s current fate is essentially no different from that of the environment, human and social rights, education, and health in recent years. Mr. Brunelle also stresses the risks associated with introducing and sanctioning the principle of competition in the cultural domain as in other domains: “With their inability to shelter or protect culture from the ravages of liberalization, governments, promoters, economic agents, and social organizations have preferred the path of negotiation and the delicate process of protecting cultural diversity without hindering the circulation of cultural products.” Citing the incompatibility of UNESCO’s Universal Declaration with NAFTA’S institutional framework, Mr. Brunelle concludes that “one must hope that awareness of this problem will come to extend beyond the French-speaking world and the Americas so that the challenges posed by cultural diversity take on a truly global dimension.” (Available in French only)