Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

"Coping with the Cultural Colossus: Canada and the International Instrument on Cultural Diversity" - Toronto: Oxford University Press, pp. 100-120

Stephen Azzi and Tamara Feick, Carleton University, May 2003 - 2003/05

In the annual Canada Among Nations 2003 – Coping with the American Colossus, published under the direction of David Carment and al. of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, contributing authors Stephen Azzi and Tamara Feick examine recent efforts by the international community aimed at creating an International Convention on Cultural Diversity, with a special focus on Canada’s role. They discuss, in particular, the conditions required for the success of such an initiative, including the participation of the United States, “the largest exporters of cultural products in the world.” (Available in English only)