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Agenda de Développement de Doha: La négociation sur les échanges de services à l'Organisation Mondiale du Commerce

Union européenne, Bruxelles, le 28 avril 2003 - 2003/04/28

This document affirms that the European Union (EU) has much to gain from negotiations on trade in services. However, it states, “our objectives for opening trade in services can in no way be likened to ‘unbridled liberalization.’ We are discussing a combination of market access and trade rules. Our objective is not ‘unbridled liberalization,’ but rather openness to trade in services under conditions that allow WTO members to set their own development objectives.” The EU proposal for community service offers also mentions audiovisual and cultural services. It makes no changes to the current policy of making no commitments in this sector and maintains all exceptions to the most-favored nation (MFN) clause set out by the EU in the Uruguay Round on cultural policies, such as coproduction agreements and the preferential treatment of audiovisual productions from the EU and other European countries. (Available in French only)