Cultural diversity

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Culture et Société - Un lien à recomposer, edited by Jean-Pierre Saez

In partnership with Conseil général de la Loire-Atlantique and Observatoire des politiques culturelles, Les Éditions de l’Attribut recently published Culture et Société - Un lien à recomposer. This collective work, edited by Jean-Pierre Saez, includes seventeen contributions.

The book explores the following questions: “What role does culture play in modern social life? How does cultural diversity affect the private and public spheres, both locally and internationally? What are the obstacles facing cultural diversity? In what way are cultural practices changing, and how can we understand these changes? What effect have cultural policies had from the 1960s to the present, both locally and on a global scale? What role do culture industries place? How can culture strengthen social ties? How can cultural and social issues as well as public policies best be expressed today?”

Les Éditions de l’Attribut describes the work as an extension of a series of lectures given in 2007 in Nantes at the behest of Conseil général de Loire-Atlantique, in partnership with Observatoire des politiques culturelles. Mr. Saez indicates that “philosophers, sociologists, economists, legal experts, and political scientists have all contributed to this debate,” adding, “Following on the heels of their lectures, these written contributions provide a follow-up on their analysis.”