Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication releases study entitled “Statistiques d’entreprises des industries culturelles―Programme production, diffusion et marchés”

In December, the studies, forecasting, and statistical branch (DEPS) of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication published a study by Valérie Derouin from the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). The study on two annual surveys on services and companies conducted by INSEE and SESSI (Service des études et des statistiques industrielles). DEPS analyzed and interpreted the results for the cultural field. The cultural industry sector is a branch of the information and communication sector that combines the design, creation, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of reproducible physical media or communication goods. In 2006, cultural industry sector generated 7.3% of service industry sales, or €43 billion, and employed 3.8% of the workforce, or 157,000 jobs (annual average salaried staff equivalent to full time employment).