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Trends in European television: U.S. fiction overwhelmingly dominant but on the decline, according to the European Audiovisual Observatory

American fiction is still overwhelmingly dominant on European television screens but is on the decline. This is one of the many trends highlighted in Volume 2 of the European Audiovisual Observatory’s Yearbook “Trends in European Television,” which has just been published.

According to the press release, Volume 2 of the 2008 edition of the European Audiovisual Observatory’s Yearbook provides, in 224 pages, an overview of the European television landscape in the context of the global audiovisual system: an economic analysis of the various groups of television companies, the funding of radio and television in Europe, the development of digital television and broadband networks, and the audiovisual media services available (television, video on demand, catch-up television, audience trends, audiovisual programming trends, revenues of audiovisual production companies).

The Observatory has also published two other volumes from this series: Television in 36 European States, and Film and Home Video. For more information on the contents of this study (available in French, English, and German) or how to order your own copy, please visit the European Audiovisual Observatory website.