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Recent publication: Rediscovering music in cities of the South

The Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity has announced the recent publication of Rediscovering music in cities of the South, a guide offering theoretical and practical guidelines on how to draw up and implement policies to develop the music sector at the local level. The guide is published by the NGO Culture et développement.

“Following the success of the Viaduc program—“Music, Cultural Diversity, and Development”—and with the support of UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity and authors from Africa and the Caribbean, Culture et Développement has recently published Rediscovering music in cities of the South: The local elected representative’s Africa-Caribbean guide to developing the music industry.

This pragmatic tool is a reference book and is based on the result of the accumulated experiences and case studies of cultural operators in the South within the greater framework of the Viaduc program.

Led by Culture et développement in partnership with other organizations, this program aims to support the efforts of local collectives in Africa and Caribbean countries so as to create favorable conditions for the development of musical creation and local music industries.

The publication, which is a result of the Viaduc program, suggests methodological and practical elements to help implement policies for the music sector at the local level. Case studies from Burkina Faso, Cuba, Côte d’Ivoire, and South Africa help reflect the challenges and opportunities faced by people in the music sector by illustrating the processes entailed in attempting to develop administrative frameworks for music development, training infrastructures, and networks of cultural enterprises in the music sector. The lessons learnt could assist others in the music industry, including policymakers and those who have interests in cooperating and collaborating with music and cultural professionals, to develop activities related to musical creations,” states the Alliance.

The book is available in English, French, and Spanish. To learn more on how to obtain a copy of this publication, email