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Les enjeux de la coopération culturelle

SUDPLANETE, the portal to cultural diversity, has published an analysis entitled Les enjeux de la coopération culturelle (Issues in cultural cooperation). The author, Olivier Barlet, stresses in the introduction that two major international meetings this year highlighted the critical role of culture in development: the symposium “Culture and Creativity, Vectors for Development” in Brussels (April 2–3, 2009) and the “Euro-African Campus for Cultural Cooperation” in Maputo (June 22–26, 2009).

“It may seem obvious, writes Barlet, but it’s news to the decision makers who manage enormous international development aid budgets. They are not necessarily convinced of it and it is only in the last few years that this axiom has been cropping up in their program guidelines.”

The analysis, available on the SUDPLANETE website, provides a quick summary of a number of presentations, round tables, and workshops at these two events, highlighting several main thrusts and issues.