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2009 Culturelink Asia-Pacific Cultural Policy Conference Report

Featuring presentations and papers as well as a summary report, the Asia-Pacific Regional Center of the Culturelink Network (APRCCN) has published the report from its 2009 Culturelink Asia-Pacific Cultural Policy Conference, organized by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO under the title “Cultural Development and Information Networks in the 21st Century” and held on November 4–5, 2009, in Seoul, South Korea.

“APRCCN invited cultural practitioners and specialists to share unique perspectives on the conference topic. The seminar dealt with critical issues such as the importance of cultural networking within the Asia-Pacific region for cultural diversity and the role of Culturelink in intercultural communication and development. In doing so the seminar identified the role of APRCCN in pursuing sustainable cultural development and explored the significance of cultural networking within the Asia-Pacific region.

“The keynote speech was given by Professor David Throsby of Macquarie University, Australia, who suggested four keywords as cornerstones of cultural policy: creative economy, cultural heritage, cultural statistics, and cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Session One of the conference was devoted to ‘Present Conditions of Cultural Networks and Political Discourse,’ while Session Two presented ‘Case Studies in Cultural Development and Information Networks.’”

The report is available in English from the Culturelink website.