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Les politiques publiques de la culture en France (Que sais-je?)

Les politiques publiques de la culture en France is among the most recent additions to Les Presses universitaires de France’s Que sais-je? series. The publishers describe the book as follows: “In recent decades, the cultural policies of the state and of territorial communities have been significantly bolstered by new funding and institutions thanks to the voluntary action of the ministry of culture and by growing interest in art and culture among regional governments. This work describes the objectives of public authorities in this matter and the steps they have taken to date. It also examines the results obtained, although this is an admittedly difficult task. The author concludes by arguing for continued public support and clarification of jurisdiction.”

The author, Pierre Moulinier, is a former research officer with France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The table of contents can be viewed on the Les Presses universitaires de France website.