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Two recent publications on cultural policy in Turkey

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) website presents two new publications on cultural policy in Turkey.

“A groundbreaking work, Introduction to Cultural Policy in Turkey is a collection of essays —published in both Turkish and English—that sheds valuable light on a subject that has become increasingly prominent on the national agenda.

Written by scholars of deep and wide-ranging expertise, the essays introduce the reader to the current reality of Turkey’s cultural policies and critically analyze how these are produced and implemented.

Published by Istanbul Bilgi University Press with the support of ECF and the Chrest Foundation, the book appears at a time of momentous developments in Turkish cultural policy and administration.

The editors say they hope that, along with stimulating more research, the book will help shape ‘a new social environment where Turkey's cultural policy will be widely discussed from the point of view of cultural diversity, human rights and democracy.’

In addition, the first-ever issue of the Cultural Policy & Management Yearbook in Turkey is dedicated to ‘cultural policy and cities.’ With Istanbul celebrating its status as European Capital of Culture, the book’s appearance is timely. Its ambitious aim is to bring policy research into under-explored urban landscapes and cultural horizons.

Described as ‘indispensable for cultural policymakers, managers, scholars, students, artists and others interested in Turkish arts, culture and their integration with Europe,’ the Yearbook is produced by Istanbul Bilgi University Press and Boekmanstudies in the framework of our Matra-supported project in Turkey. It is available in Turkish and English,” states the ECF.

For more information on these publications, visit the European Cultural Foundation website.