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New book on cultural observatories and infrastructure and event mapping published in Spain

A book entitled Observatorios culturales Creación de mapas de infraestructuras y eventos by Cristina Ortega Nuere was published this year by Editorial Ariel (Barcelona, Spain).

Here’s what the publisher has to say about what it calls “the first book to address the theme of observatories and cultural mapping”:

“Cultural observatories are a recent phenomenon arising from a society in which knowledge and information drive social, cultural, economic, and political development.

They provide references for creative industries. Their priorities are to observe, monitor, and share information on the cultural sector, provide in-depth analysis of the reality of individual communities, carry out research, and share their findings to help understand the effects of cultural phenomena and anticipate future scenarios.

Identifying and analyzing what is available on the cultural market requires maps that help us recognize and locate cultural infrastructure and events. The cultural map model used by cultural observatories is therefore an essential tool for measuring, analyzing, and evaluating current and future cultural policies.”

The 288-page book is available online at the Editorial Ariel website.