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Coalition Currents, August 2010 issue

The latest issue of the Coalition Currents newsletter is now available. It addresses the following subjects:

  • The IFCCD welcomes a new General Secretary
  • IFCCD and member projects presented to the Fund
  • A resounding victory for the Peruvian Coalition: the Ministry of Culture is born
  • Asia-Pacific cultural organizations pinpoint Convention implementation priorities
  • Canada and India sign a memorandum of understanding on cultural cooperation
  • IFCCD?s position on operating guidelines for Articles 9 and 19 of the Convention
  • European coalitions take part in two consultations by the European Commission on Commercial Policy and on Creative Industries (see article below)
  • Indonesia: Workshops on UNESCO instruments for the promotion of cultural diversity

Coalition Currents is published by the Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity in collaboration with the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD).