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La Langue française dans le monde 2010

With only a few days to go before the XIII Francophonie Summit in Montreux, Switzerland (October 22?24, 2010), the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) has published its quadrennial reference book on the presence of the French language in the world and its use in education, culture, media, sciences, the workplace, government, and international organizations

"La Langue française dans le monde 2010, with a preface by Abdou Diouf, was created by OIF's Observatoire de la langue française. It provides quantitative and qualitative data on the place of French in the 70 States and governments acting as members and observers of the Francophonie and, in some cases, in the rest of the world.

It reveals that, according to estimates based on highly reliable sources, there are a minimum of 220 million francophones in the world today (up from 200 million in 2007). Coupled with major developments in Africa, we can see that French is more widely spoken than ever around the world. It also indicates that French is one of the only languages taught in every country in the world, with 116 million students learning it today, despite the fact that a single foreign language is taking over, particularly in Europe, threatening its future. [...]

In broad terms, the books examines the state of the French language in order to provide a snapshot of the present situation and shed light on future developments in the following fields: teaching of and in French (with a particular focus on its relation to African languages and creoles) and the vitality of cultural and media expression in French. The fourth and last section examines the use of French and francophone collaboration underway in a number of fields (terminology, lexical variety, spelling, etc.) as well as specific and delicate examples relating to the legal and social situation of French in the workplace or in government in the northern nations of the Francophonie," states OIF.