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The October 2010 issue of the Accords bilatéraux et diversité culturelle newsletter

The latest edition of the Accords bilatéraux et diversité culturelle newsletter features articles on the following issues:

Intellectual property

  • The European Parliament is divided on the question of intellectual property and ACAC
  • Anti-pirating policy initiatives
  • YouTube operates within the law

Cultural development

  • Cultural development and its importance in reaching the Millennium Development Goals
  • Agenda 21 for culture: Québec mobilizes
  • Substate paradiplomacy and Agenda 21 for culture

Digital issues

  • The giants of the Web and electronics have an eye on TV screens
  • Digitization: The first projects selected by the French government
  • The digitization of European movie theaters

The audiovisual industry

  • Does the E.U.-Canada free trade agreement threaten cultural exemption?
  • Bollywood and Hollywood: New ties?
  • Renewed activity by private television groups

Accords bilatéraux et diversité culturelle is produced by CEIM (Centre d'études sur l'intégration et la mondialisation) for the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF).