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Report on implementation of the European Agenda for Culture

The European Commission has published a report on its website on the implementation of the European Agenda for Culture. The document was prepared for the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of the Regions. Its introduction reads as follows:

"Culture lies at the heart of the European project and is the anchor on which the European Union's 'unity in diversity' is founded. The combination of respect for cultural diversity and the ability to unite around shared values has guaranteed the peace, prosperity, and solidarity the E.U. enjoys. In today's globalizing world, culture can make a unique contribution to a European Strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, promoting stability, mutual understanding, and cooperation worldwide.

The adoption of the European Agenda for Culture in 2007 opened a new chapter of cooperation on culture policy at European level. For the first time, all partners—European institutions, Member States, and culture civil society—were invited to pool their efforts on explicitly defined shared goals, which were endorsed by the Council:

  • Promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
  • Promotion of culture as a catalyst for creativity
  • Promotion of culture as a vital element in the E.U.'s international relations"

The report describes progress at the European and national levels with regards to these three objectives and evaluates initial experiences in applying new work methods based on data including national reports submitted by Member States.

The report has been translated into some twenty languages and is available on the European Commission website.