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India – Hybrid content and vernacular modernity: Is it the end of cultural imperialism?

The December 2010 CapsulesMonde newsletter presents the work entitled Cultural imperialism or vernacular modernity? Hindi newspapers in a globalizing India by Taberez Ahmed Neyazi (Media Culture Society, Volume 32, No. 6, November 2010).

"In India, the rise of Hindi-language media since the late 1990s and the growing presence of hybrid local and international news content has led people to rethink the concept of cultural imperialism. The article proposes a new concept—that of ‘vernacular modernity,' which describes how local newspapers are now successfully penetrating a market previously dominated by English-language publications and offering their readers products that reflect their own cultural values. Although they draw on Western technology and modernity, these media offer an alternative—and successful—indigenous discourse that adapts international content to spark interest in local readers. The author cites the example of the rapidly growing Hindi-language newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar, to illustrate this success," CapsulesMonde summarizes.