Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Accords bilatéraux et diversité culturelle , Vol. 7, No. 2

The March 5 issue of the Accords bilatéraux et diversité culturelle newsletter explores the following topics:

Cultural Industries and Cultural Diversity

  • Conquering the Chinese film market: an agreement between China and the United States
  • A dozen technical support missions to strengthen the cultural industries of developing countries
  • Stability of cinema attendance in the EU and Hollywood’s increased international revenue
  • Universal wishes to acquire part of EMI: the implications for competition rules and musical diversity

Digital issues

  • The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement gives rise to multiple protests
  • Controversies on the digitization of unavailable books

Accords bilatéraux et diversité culturelle is published in French by Centre d'études sur l'intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM) for the International Organization of La Francophonie.