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UIS: New cinema data shows exponential growth in Chinese box office receipts

Recent UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) data reveal an increase in box office revenue in China that has made it the third biggest film market in the world.

According to a UIS cinema survey analysis, China climbed from sixth place in box office receipts in 2005 to third place in 2011, behind only the United States and Japan. Chinese box office receipts increased by 731%, while Russia saw the second highest increase, 239%, over the period. U.S. box office receipts increased by only 7% over the same time while those of the Republic of Korea declined by 3%.

Also notable was the continued overall growth in film digitalization in the U.S. and Europe, where conversion of movie theatre infrastructure to digital format is expected to be complete by the end of the decade. Other regions are taking longer to adopt this expensive technology. In Latin America for example, Brazil and Mexico count for three-quarters of all digital screens.

For more on the ISU cinema survey analysis, see the UIS website.