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Summary of conference on implementing the 2005 UNESCO Convention

The Coalition for Cultural Diversity has now published the final summary and activity report on its September 2013 conference entitled "The Convention on Cultural Diversity: Up to Expectations or a Disappointment?" The conference was held in Montréal and examined progress on implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Workshops were held to consider, discuss, and make recommendations on implementation of the Convention. One workshop addressed the question of the diversity of cultural expressions and trade agreements, another digital issues and cultural exemptions. A third workshop dealt with governance and citizen relations.

The conference was first of a series involving academics, government, public servants, and other civil society participants. The second will be hosted by Centre d'études sur l'intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM) and the Coalition for Cultural Diversity on March 14, 2014, and will address "Culture/Trade Linkage in the Digital Era." Further details will appear in an upcoming newsletter.

The summary of main findings and recommendations and the conference activity report are both available on the Coalition for Cultural Diversity website.