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Report on the creative industry in the United Kingdom

The Confederation of British Industries (CBI) has just launched a report entitled "The Creative Nation," examining possible measures for supporting the creative industry in the U.K. Such measures mainly involve cooperation between the U.K. government and industries.

Data is cited that demonstrates the importance of the cultural industries to the U.K. economy. The music industry for example generates £3.5 billion per year in profit and provides over 100,000 jobs. In all, the creative industry contributes £71.4 billion a year in added value to the U.K. economy. 

CBI makes numerous proposals in the report, among them provisions for mechanisms to ensure that cultural firms can access the financing needed. It also notes the importance for the industry of adapting to technological change, for example by developing Web platforms for delivering cultural products. Other recommendations include bringing in new apprenticeship systems and attempting to "tilt the playing field" to support expanded exports.

The report is available on the CBI website.

The Confederation of British Industries speaks for over 240,000 companies of every size and in every sector, including creative and communications. Its mission is to promote the conditions in the U.K. and internationally in which U.K. businesses can prosper.