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Publication of the 2013 report of the Film and Audiovisual Centre of the French Community of Belgium

On March 25, the Film and Audiovisual Centre presented its 2013 report to the Minister of Audiovisual Affairs and the Secretary-General of the French Community of Belgium. Through its support for film production and promotion, the Centre is the main partner of Belgium's francophone film industry.

In 2013, the organization was allocated a budget of €26.7 million, almost 60% of which came from the French Community of Belgium, and over 40% from audiovisual service editors and distributors. The budget funded 140 projects, including 47 full-length features (20 scripts and 27 productions). Assistance was also provided to 18 festivals, 3 distributors, 8 movie theatre operators, and 2 digital distribution structures.

In 2013, French Belgian film productions earned 135 awards at international festivals. For example, the film Ernest & Celestine won the César Award for Best Animated Film of 2013 and was nominated for an Oscar in the same category in 2014.

The 2013 report on film and audiovisual industry production is available on the Centre du cinéma et de l'audiovisuel website.

The main objective of the Film and Audiovisual Centre of the French Community of Belgium is to support and promote audiovisual work. Concretely, that means support for the production, coproduction, promotion, export, exploitation, and editing of francophone Belgian films on DVD or Blu-ray.