Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

La problématique commerce-culture et ses conséquences sur la diversité culturelle : des enjeux qui concernent le quebec

Chiha, Mireille - Observatoire des Amériques, janvier 2003, 11 p.

This study highlights the consequences of trade liberalization on the cultural sector and affirms that “without the recognition of the right of states to establish cultural policies that foster the respect and preservation of different cultures, cultural diversity will remain a vague notion without any practical applications.” The author begins by examining the various definitions of the concept of cultural diversity, then looks in turn at the impact of globalization on cultural diversity and the Québec government’s position on current trade agreement negotiations and a new international instrument on cultural diversity. Given the proliferation of declarations and texts that do not provide effective protection of cultural diversity, the author argues that it is “legitimate to believe in the need for a multilateral treaty that all states will have the opportunity to sign and ratify.” She goes on to describe proposed solutions, notably from Québec, involving the adoption of a new international instrument on cultural diversity to “promote the human dimension of globalization.”