Cultural diversity

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Projet d’instrument juridique international sur la diversité culturelle : argumentaire

Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie, mars 2003, 4 p.

To underline La Francophonie’scontribution to thought on an international legal instrument on cultural diversity, the Agence intergouvernementale de Francophonie has developed a leaflet designed to sensitize those asked to take a position on the principle of development of an international legal instrument within UNESCO, particularly francophones. Faced with the threats posed to cultural diversity by the development and liberalization of international trade, which “carry the potential risks of cultural uniformization and degeneration,” states and governments are asked to “respond with public policies that guarantee the diversity of the production of cultural goods,” by abstaining from all free trade commitments and giving cultural diversity legal recognition through the international convention on cultural diversity, which “will be designed to enshrine in law the legitimacy of policies in favor of the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity. With a legal effect, it will become a frame of reference for states and other international organizations and thus make it possible to find an equilibrium between international trade regulations and cultural standards.” The leaflet notably stresses the special role of UNESCO “as the most appropriate forum for the development and adoption of this international convention on cultural diversity,” illustrates the necessity of concerted action, and encourages UNESCO member states to mobilize in the next months to rapidly initiate development of this convention within the current WTO international negotiations cycle.