Cultural diversity

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UNESCO : Etude preliminaire sur les aspects techniques et juridiques relatifs a l'opportunite d'un instrument normatif sur la diversite culturelle

Conseil exécutif. 166 EX/28, 12 p. Paris, le 12 mars 2003

The UNESCO Executive Board will examine this working document at its 166th session, taking place March 31 to April 16, 2003, in Paris. This study by the Secretariat discusses the most recent work on the subject, set outs the international normative corpus currently in force or being developed with regard to cultural diversity, and explores lines of inquiry as to the desirability, nature, and scope of a new instrument on cultural diversity. Following this 166th session, the Executive Board will decide on the advisability of including this item on the provisional agenda of the General Conference at its 32nd session; request that the Director-General submit at the General Conference’s 32nd session the report on this preliminary study, as well as the Executive Board’s observations and decisions thereon; and recommend that the General Conference “take a decision to continue action aimed at drawing up a new international normative instrument on cultural diversity and to determine the nature of that instrument.”

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