Cultural diversity

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Technology as a tool for diversity

ALEKSANDRA UZELAC, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb, with GARRY NEIL, INCD Coordinator

Opatija, Croatia, October 12-15, 2003 - 2003/10/12-15

This paper was presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of the International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD) held in Opatija, Croatia, from October 12 to 15 on the theme “Advancing Cultural Diversity Globally: the Role of Civil Society Movements.” The paper’s authors postulate that the concept of an information society “suggests universal and free access to information services (thus knowledge) for all citizens/users/consumers and possibility for an active participation in knowledge sharing.” In their view, the World Summit on the Information Society should try to trace a path toward an “Information Society for All” to ensure that all citizens benefit from the ICT revolution. For example, if the Internet is to benefit the cultural sector, “clear objectives should be set by cultural institutions, networks and NGOs, and a regulatory framework should be put in place by implementing cultural and other policies related to ICT.” They also see the Internet as a potential tool for cultural diversity if certain requirements are met by governments and the “big multinational media conglomerates.” However, first the cultural sector must overcome some key challenges: adapting cultural policies to the new realities of ICT, bridging the digital divide, and implementing organizational adjustments in keeping with new technological developments.( Available in English only)