Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Culture and trade in the americas: possible approaches in support of development objectives

By Donald R. Mackay, Executive Director. AVRIL 2003, 16 p.

In this study, Mr. Mackay maintains that culture and particularly cultural diversity must be considered in the national development planning process. Reviewing the state of cultural industries in the Americas, he gives an overview of the role of culture in trade agreements while highlighting the various approaches that underpin them. Mr. Mackay also presents the new approach that lays a foundation for promoting a new international legal instrument on cultural diversity actively supported by Canada, Québec, and certain other states. In his conclusion, he suggests certain principles to inspire debate and discussion of the rules, regulatory structures, and government measures for developing and promoting cultural diversity. He notes that countries must first ensure that the ultimate objective is indeed the promotion of cultural diversity rather than a response to the protectionist pressures of specific interest groups. (Available in English only)