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Colloque sur la piraterie audiovisuelle - Rencontre avec les studios américains et internationaux : "France et USA main dans la main dans la lutte contre la piraterie"

La Lettre du gouvernement – la lutte contre la piraterie dans les industries culturelles, no 163, 27 mai 2004 – 2004/05/27

At a roundtable meeting held during the Cannes Festival, the United States asked France to spearhead the fight against cultural piracy. The meeting brought together for the first time representatives from all sectors concerned, including major Hollywood studios, directors, telecom firms, and producers. Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), declared that “The problem of piracy affects all countries and all countries. No one can fight it alone.” Mr. Valenti pledged that the U.S. film industry “would support, cooperate with, and actively participate in efforts to tackle the problem.” After a closed-door meeting with industry professionals, he declared, “I have no hesitations about asking the French minister of culture to take the lead (in the fight), and we’ll be there with him.” In response, Donnedieu de Vabres noted that “the Americans and the French (at the meeting) were on the same page. Which is good news.” For Mr. De Vabres, the fight against piracy “is not just an economic issue, even though it has consequences for employment. It’s a noble issue, because the goal is to defend diversity and pluralism. And these are values more and more of our partners share.” Mr. de Vabres and Quentin Tarantino, director of Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill, jointly declared that politicians and artists had to team up to achieve their ends. “Because you are a world-renowned artist, we need you to join us in the fight for creative freedom and respect for artists worldwide,” declared the minister of culture and communication at Cannes. Tarantino replied, “The battles this country (France) has fought are often fair and I share their goals. I will be backing the fight against piracy, because we need to protect artistic works.” He also pledged that he would participate in any public initiatives on the issue. Faced with this plague that “deprives artists of the remuneration they are entitled to, puts cultural industry jobs in jeopardy, and threatens to undermine cultural diversity,” the French government has proposed an action plan that focuses on changing mentalities and emphasizes public education and prevention. (Available in French)