Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Revisiting the debate on policies to promote cultural diversity and local content in the context of globalized communication

Mr. Roberto Montes, International Forum on Local Cultural Expression and Communication, August 2003 - 2003/08

An international forum on local cultural expression and communication hosted by UNESCO was held on November 3 to 6, 2003, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, under the theme safeguarding endangered cultures by promoting local content, freedom of expression, and cultural diversity. The forum addressed issues such as safeguarding endangered cultures through communication; producing local content as an expression of cultural diversity; and promoting communications policies with an emphasis on cultural diversity, freedom of expression, and cultural content. These topics spurred discussions on communications strategies for intercultural dialogue and cultural expression, as well as global trends in local content production and dissemination. Approximately 100 prominent personalities, academics, and communications and cultural science specialists from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin and North America, and the Pacific participated in the event. For the forum, Mr. Roberto Montes produced a working paper suggesting original and different angles for envisaging the debate on policies and measures to promote cultural diversity and local content in the context of globalized communications. He sees this paper as an attempt to open up the debate to new or neglected approaches to understanding the issue. (Available in English and French)