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La création audiovisuelle en mal de financement et de diversité - Bilan de la Journée des Auteurs

Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD), le 3 mai 2004 - 2004/05/03

A conference on La création audiovisuelle en mal de financement et de diversité was held during Authors’ Day, an event hosted by SACD on May 3, 2004. Participants included Francis Girod and Roger Kahane, directors; David Kessler, Executive Director of France’s National Cinematographic Center (CNC); Didier Mathus, Deputy, Cultural Affairs Committee member; Christine Miller, SACD President, screenwriter; Dominique Richard, Deputy, Cultural Affairs Committee member; Pascal Rogard, SACD Managing Director; Claude Scasso, screenwriter; and Marc Tessier, President of France Télévision. Conference attendees noted the underfunding of French audiovisual creation and discussed urgent measures to promote innovation and funding in this area. The conference echoed the SACD position set forth in a publication entitled Pour une nouvelle impulsion du soutien à l’audiovisuel. This document proposes five measures to give new impetus to public policy initiatives in support of audiovisual production and creative endeavor. Participants reviewed these measures at the conference, indicating that the state should support production by redefining audiovisual works at a time when continuing misinterpretation is undermining support mechanisms. Participants urged the government to rework this definition as soon as possible to refocus it on the initial objectives of supporting creative programs and establishing an audiovisual heritage; bolder and more diverse programming, as diversity should also mean developing new fiction formats; better overall funding of fiction, including the development of new program formats, including reality shows; better funding for the development of TV movies and motion pictures through a research budget to foster innovative, contemporary content; and proper funding for public audiovisual creation in line with ambitions and challenges. In conclusion, participants declared that “we must support difference, creativity, and diversity to ensure that French audiovisual works have nothing to envy productions in the rest of Europe.” (Available in French)