Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Artistic Expression in a Corporate World - Do we need monopolistic control? Utrecht School of the Arts, 49 p.

Mr. Joost Smiers, professor at the Utrecht School of the Arts, the Netherlands, and formerly visiting professor at the UCLA, Los Angeles – February 2004 – 2004/02

In this article, Mr. Smiers explains the importance of implementing an International Convention on Cultural Diversity. He explains, in particular, why the World Trade Organization (WTO) is not the appropriate place for a convention on the promotion and protection of cultural diversity. In addition, he gives a broad outline of what could be included in such a convention. According to him, cultural diversity is the central concept of this international convention and a way to safeguard culture in all parts of the world. By supporting this diversity, we are encouraging what is communally called “the arts” to flourish. In this regard, the objective of such an international instrument is to strengthen the ability of nations and governments to equip themselves with policies and measures aimed at promoting and preserving their culture. Mr. Smiers relies particularly on the points of view of experts, such as Ivan Bernier, Peter Grant, Garry Neil, and Yvon Thiec, whom he interviewed for this article. (Available in English only)