Cultural diversity

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Les aides d’État à la production cinématographique et le financement du cinéma européen dans l’Europe de 2004

Me Yannick-Eleonore Scaramozzino, avocate au Barreau de Paris, Scaraye Cabinet D’avocats, février 2004

According to the European Community Treaty, monitoring state aid is solely the responsibility of the Commission.  In this regard, the Commission established the principles to be followed when applying regulation on state aid in the film sector. In addition to general legal criteria, it identified four specific compatibility criteria, which serve as a basis for current evaluations of state aid in film and television production within the framework of its cultural exemption provision. These specific compatibility criteria for aid in film production will remain valid until June 2004.  Thus, Mr. Scaramozzino questions whether the Commission’s criteria, which were established from a domestic market perspective, remain relevant in the construction of a democratic Europe. In other words, by eliminating systems for state aid in film production, will the Europe of 2004 be able to move towards realizing the objective of “respecting cultural diversity” and be “united in its diversity”? Through the analysis of EU financial instruments, such as the “Television Without Borders” Directive, and the “Media Plus” and “i2i Audiovisual” programs, it provides a summary of state aid in the film production and financial mechanisms for the European film industry in the Europe of 2004 with regards to cultural diversity. (Available in French only)